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Sveaskolan's Nordplus Project 2011


We are very proud to be chosen by Nordplus as a successful project example!

Read more about this project:


NORDPLUS: The last trip - Iceland!

We have had such a great year. Learning is so much better when you have fun and make new friends in exciting places.

It is impossible to express how thankful we are for the opportunity to take part in such a valuable project that we will never forget.

Here are a few pictures from ICELAND = NICELAND



Our friends from Island landed on Friday the 8th and we flew out on Sunday the 10th to Riga. We hooked up with our friends in Riga and the three countries took a bus to Siauliu, Lithuania. There we had 5 action packed days including: a visit to Vilnius, a Nato base, Jewish Museum, Hill of Crosses, Folk Dances and so much more.

Friday the 15th we took the bus to Riga and spent the day in the city. Iceland flew with us back to Sweden and stayed the weekend. Next trip, and unfortunately the last: Iceland!

Thank you NORDPLUS!

Check out Klara Mulder's blog for more photos and information: http://mulderklara.wordpress.com

Dinner at the museum
Dinner at the Jewish Museum


Nato base
Visit at a Nato base


Hill of Crosses
Hill of Crosses


Visiting a Chocolate Factory



Sveaskolan has been invited to take part in a new NORDPLUS project with new and old friends.

This year, we made friends with a school in RIga.
Next year, we hope to visit Finland as well.

The project's theme will be on career education entitled "The Future Starts Today".

We will know if the project is approved or not in June, 2013. It is a one year project involving 4 countries: Finland, Sweden, Lithuania and Latvia.

Keep your fingers crossed!


Karta - Norden

  Klara Mulder's blogg about the Nordplus project:

Big Blue Marble in Space –»

A new Comenius project takes form!

Staff members from 6 countries met in Malmö 4 days to write a new Comenius project that hopefully will be approved. The project is for 2 years and the countries are: Poland, Latvia, Germany, Romania,
France (Martinique), Belgium and Sweden. Keep your fingers crossed!

Comenius project - staff 2013


Sveaskolan in Riga

We had a wonderful trip!
What's more, we got to know our friends even better than before.

The theme was water and sustainability and therefore our focus was the Baltic Sea which touches
3 of the four countries.

Baltic Air


Lucia in Riga


Sveaskolan visits Riga in December

Between the 9th and the 14th of December, 12 students and 2 teachers from Sveaskola will be visiting our friends in Riga. Besides getting to know one another even better, we will discuss and share what we have been investigating in regards to sustainability with a focus on water.





In a few weeks, between the 22nd and the 27th of October, Sveaskolan will be hosting the first part of a four part project.

The countries involved are Sweden, Latvia, Litauen and Iceland.

12 students and 2 teachers from each country will travel to Sweden.

Our main theme of the project is sustainability.

The sub theme in Sweden is Animals.


Nordplus activities last week in october 2012:

The week with our guests from Iceland, lithuania and Latvia was great. Not only did we learn about our theme on sustainability with a focus on endangered animals, we did som great activities and made new friends. We are really looking forward to to the trip to Riga in December and are forever thankful to Nordplus and the International Program Office.

Guests from Iceland, lithuania and Latvia.


Guests from Iceland, lithuania and Latvia.

Tutankhamun exhibition in Malmö


Sveaskolan receives new grant from International Program Office

We are very pleased to announce that Svea has been granted a new Nordplus project by the International Program Office. The Project’s name is: The Big Blue Marble in Space which reflects the theme of the project: Sustainability.

The countries involved in this project are: Sweden, Lithuania, Iceland and Latvia.
One of the most exciting parts of these projects is the opportunity for students to travel and live in the student's homes of the participating countries.

We are very thankful for this fantastic opportunity. It will make for yet another exciting year at Sveaskolan.


Comenius Iceland 2012

The Comenius project with 7 countries ended in Iceland: May, 2012.

Iceland Air

The project lasted 2 years and 30 students and teachers visited Turkey, Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland and Iceland.
the same countries visited us a week in 2010.

We are very thankful for having been able to participate.



Etwinning, Nordplus and Comenius

Ida Köhler (9b) and John Dennis (teacher) were invited to speak about Etwinning, Nordplus and Comenius for student teachers at Malmoe College today. These teachers of the future had no previous knowledge of the programs available and found the information to be inspirational. Our main focus was on the Etwinning portal and how to do inter-curricular projects that are neither costly nor too time consuming.

Etwinning heart

English Club in Barcelona, Spain

This year the English Club decided to take a trip to Spain. Barcelona is a very exciting city with many interesting things to see and do. It has it all: culture, the beach, football, shopping and great food.

It was a wonderful trip that will never be forgotten.






Svea Does Germany!

Teacher Maria Agerkrans and a group of students have been in Berlin and Blankenburg (Hartz). This was the 6th of 7 visits in the Comenius project entitled: Communication as an Art.

7 countries gathered in Blankenburg to practice English, learn about each others cultures and about themselves. The theme was Communicating without words in art.

The trip started with the Iceland group coming to Malmoe for a night and then Iceland and Sweden flew down to Berlin for a day of sightseeing.

The trip was a major success and the students made many friends from various countries and the teachers had a blast too.

We are truly thankful for the opportunity and look forward to the last visit in Iceland in May!

In Germany - Berlin

Comenius T-shirt

In Germany

Teachers of Sveaskolan at international conference in Berlin

John Dennis and Anita Hjortsberg attended the annual eTwinning conference which took place in Berlin on 29, 30 and 31 March 2012. More than 500 teachers from across the Continent to discussed ways of working together in international projects the future.

Teachers of Sveaskolan at international conference i Berlin

John Dennis in Iceland!

John is in Iceland writing an application for a new Nordplus project.
Hopefully 4 countries will be approved: Sweden, Iceland, Latvia and Lithuania.
The topic of the project will be substainabily. Keep you fingers crossed!


Horses in Iceland




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